Features & Use Cases

The MyAirSeat Booking System is an advanced SaaS (Software as a Service) designed specifically to create smooth booking experiences: Both for the aircraft operators and their customers. Customers book flights with our Integrated Card Processing System, so you can focus on tasks which need human interaction.

Operators Using MyAirSeat:

Unique single-seat booking option

Booking the whole aircraft is too expensive. Let your customers book single seats with our Single-Seat Booking feature, and don't leave any seat empty.

Easy to integrate to any site in minutes

Remove the friction. Integrate MyAirSeat directly to your site, so your visitors can complete the booking and get an instant feedback.

Gift certificates functionality

Let your customers buy and use gift certificates when booking offers! Also, you can issue certificates instead of reimbursing paid flights when they're canceled.


Offer standard flights e.g. sightseeing tour, heliski, etc. which then can be booked by your end clients


Offer flights from pre-defined take-off to a pre-defined landing site (e.g. airport-hotel).


Allow your clients to draw their own routes (A to B and/or A to A) with our built-in feature.


We want to become the leading global provider for booking & payment systems, in order to help small- and medium-sized air operators to become more efficient and help increase turnover by selling single seats.


We provide a well established basic version and further develop new features and enhancements based on customers needs and feedbacks. Our goal is to establish a business partner relationship with all clients.


We focus on all the necessary features in relation to bookings. But at the same time, we keep things simple and don't "over-engineer". By working only with top-notch experts in the industry, our solutions are always reliable.

More MyAirSeat perks

We believe customer profiles and expectations are changing where a strong online presence with booking ability is key. Combined with selected destinations and flight services, opportunities are in the air.

24/7 support

We pride ourselves in serving our clients with excellence and passion. If you need any help, we are here to help. Day and night.

Custom development

There's nothing like "one size fits all". Whenever you need any custom changes in the system, our development team will take care of it.

Transparent pricing

You pay monthly or yearly based on the number of aircraft you operate. Prices start at $536/mo, we don't charge additional costs for system setup.

Why MyAirSeat?

Team Members

Alexander Burger

CEO / Co-Founder

Jakub Lajmon

CTO / Co-Founder

Oliver Wirz

Head of Marketing & Sales / Co-Founder

Ondrej Černay

Senior Software Developer

Chiara Patetta

Relationship Manager

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